About us

The Prelco Group is a company with six factories located in eastern North America, but above all, it is a leading manufacturer of value-added glass products. Prelco mainly designs and manufactures glazing products for commercial and institutional buildings  (insulated units, spandrel glass, safety glass, interior partitions,railings) as well as specialty vehicles (buses, trains, yachts and ships, civilian or military utility vehicles), and components for manufactured products (commercial appliances and displays, furniture, neon signs, urban furniture). 

Founded in 1954 in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec, Canada, the company started as a small business called "Vitrerie Générale" and has evolved over time. Then in 1974 Prelco was created to expand the business and start offering glass tempering. The two companies merged in 1988 to become Prelco Inc. 

In 2000, opening a new factory became a priority to support the company's continued growth and increase its production capacity. The second production site was constructed in Saint-Jacques, New Brunswick, Canada. In 2002, Prelco Inc. extended its existing product range and strengthened its position on the market of high-performance insulated glass units with the acquisition of Industries Thermalite in Montreal, which became the company's third production site. In 2006, Prelco Inc. also acquired Veralex—a business specialized in the manufacture of boat windshields and doors—, which resulted in the creation of the Prelco Group.

In 2005, Prelco Inc. acquired Beclawat Manufacturing, a manufacturer of advanced watertight door systems and windows for the marine and railway industries. More recently, in an effort to expand in the United States, a branch opened its doors in 2016 in Rouses Point, New York, to facilitate business in the U.S. market. 

Such acquisitions have allowed Prelco to strengthen its position as a leader—both in Canada and eastern North America—in the glass processing industry.

Since its foundation, Prelco Inc. has developed extensive knowledge and expertise for the benefit of its clients. Its research and development department plays an essential role in maintaining a position at the leading edge of technology and developments in the field as well as standing out from the competition by innovating and exploiting new niches. That is why Prelco Inc. is the only one to offer so many different types of value-added glass product under the same roof—the source of its pride and reputation.


Prelco is a specialist in the manufacturing of complex and innovative glass products enabling us to meet our customers requirements in the architectural, industrial and military markets. Prelco relies on its expertise of more than 60 years in the business, in the  quality of its highly skilled workforce and on its high-tech production equipment.


The quality system of our company is based on the principle of our CUSTOMER'S SATISFACTION and their requirements. To achieve this, our main concern at Prelco is to provide excellence in our products as well as in our complete and efficient service.

To choose Prelco means

  • Satisfaction with regards to our products and quality;
  • Personalized service;
  • Complete solutions, meeting the evolution of customers needs.


    Rivière-du-Loup plant, Saint-Jacques plant and Rouses Point plant (USA): ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate

    IGMA Certification: Rivière-du-Loup plantMontreal plant

    SGCC Certification: Rivière-du-Loup plantSt-Jacques plant