Bullet Resistant Glass


Verre pare-balles

Prel-Secur Bullet Resistant Glass:

  • Establishes effective and safe protection from an armed attacker and the people threatened
  • Prelco offers a complete line of bullet proof glass that protects against different calibers of firearms
  • Here are some things to consider when choosing bullet proof glass:
    • Type of building and the nature of the activity taking place there, ex. bank, courthouse, armored car, etc. 
    • Presence of personnel and rapid response capability    
    • The caliber of weapons against which we wish to defend


Prelco offers two types of Bullet Resistant Glass:

Prel-Secur – All Glass
  • Multi-layer laminate glass composed completely of sheets of glass 
  • In case of an armed attack, the shock wave produced by the projectile could cause a small amount of spall to be projected on the protected side
  • Offers excellent resistance to temperature changes ensuring stable performance under various climatic conditions
  • Meets the UL 752 Standard
Prel-Secur – Glass and Polycarbonate
  • Multi-layer laminate glass composed of sheets of polycarbonate
  • In case of armed attack, no spall would be projected on the protected side
  • This type of glazing is at least 50% lighter and 40% thinner to an all glass equivalent
  • Meets the UL 752 Standard 


    •  Banks and other financial institutions
    •  Police Stations and Courthouses
    •  Detention Centres
    •  Embassies and Government Buildings
    •  Service Stations and Businesses open 24 h
    •  Shelters for victims of family violence 
    •  Glass Kiosks
    •  Etc.

    Production Capacity

    Prel-Secur – all glass Bullet Resistant Glass
    Prel-Secur – glass and polycarbonate Bullet Resistant Glass

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