Hydrophilic coating


  • Neat™ is an invisible, protective coating that makes exterior glass maintenance easier.
  • Composed of titanium dioxide and silica, the Neat™ coating traps solar UV rays which break down and loosen dirt particles that accumulate on the glass surface. 
  • When it rains, the raindrops flush impurities, leaving the glass surface clean with no residue. 
  • The Neat™ coating is effective even in cloudy weather because more than 80% of the UV rays can pass through the cloud cover..


Neat™ Protective Coating allows to:

  • Reduce time spent on cleaning glass
  • Improve the visibility of the building’s users
  • Keep the same low-e glass performancese
Enduit protecteur hydrophile


Application can be made on insulating glass as well as on spandrel, making Neat™ the perfect coating for commercial buildings covered with curtain wall or punch windows.

Application on Insulating Glass Unit with low-e

In applications using insulating glass with low-E, Neat™ is applied on surface # 1 and the low-E on surface # 2, providing glazing that combines high energy efficiency and reduced maintenance. Allows for extended periods where cleaning windows is unnecessary, saves on building maintenance costs.

The Neat ™ coating is permanent and requires no maintenance or reactivation over the years.


  • Low-E : LoE2 272, LoE2 240, LoE3 366 
  • Clear : Optifloat™ clear
  • Printed : Prel-Design silkscreened, Prel-Design digital printing
  • Spandrel : Prel-Coat



  • Vertical glazing : punch windows, aluminum curtain wall or structural glazing, spandrel glass  
  • Sloped glazing : skylights, canopies, roof windows  

Production Capacity

  mm po
Glass Thickness 6, 8, 10 1/4, 5/16, 3/8
Maximum standard dimensions* 2440 x 3660 84 x 144
  kg lb
Maximum weight 180 400

*The Neat™ coating can be applied on certain types of glass that measure up to 2438 mm (96 in.) wide, contact us for additional details.


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