Ceramic Coating



Prel-Coat Spandrel Glass:

  • Opaque glass lites mainly used in non-vision sections of curtain wall. The panels are located between sections of transparent windows and are used to hide the structure parts which shouldn’t been seen from the exterior.
  • Prel-Coat ceramic frit coating offers outstanding resistance to :
    • crackings
    • scratches
    • fading
    • chemical products
  • Offered in a choice of 14 standard colors, custom colors can also be developed from samples provided by the designer


  • Prel-Coat ceramic coating is applied on the surface of the glass using a horizontal roller applicator.  The glass is then heated in a furnace at a temperature of about 621°C (1150 F).  This treatment fuses the ceramic to the surface of the glass.
  • Once the heat treatment is completed, the ceramic coating is extremely resistant to cracking, fading as well as chemical attacks.

Glass makeups

  • Monolithic Glass : The ceramic coating is applied on surface #2 of the supporting lite. The glass must be heat strengthened or tempered.  It is not recommended that the ceramic coating be exposed to the elements therefore using surface #1 is to be avoided. A security film can be applied to the back of the spandrel glass. If it is broken, the film will provide temporary retention of the broken shards of glass.
  • Laminated Glass : The ceramic coating can be applied to surface # 2, 3 or 4 of laminated glass. All the lites that make up the laminated glazing must be heat strengthened or tempered.
  • Insulating Glass Unit : The ceramic is usually applied to surface # 4 of insulated glass units. The two lites that make up the unit must be heat strengthened or tempered.

Available Colors

  • Opaque Standards* : White PC- 9912, Opacity White PC-8695, Feather Grey PC-8800, Warm Grey PC-8933V, Medium Grey PC-8948, Charcoal PC- 9903, Wolf Grey PC-8194, Solar Grey PC- 9901, Black PC-9907, Spruce Shadow PC-8282, Evergreen PC- 9902, Lava Bronze PC-9905,  Solar Bronze PC-9904, Blue Ford PC-9911.
  • Custom Colors* : Prel-Coat is available in a choice of colors developed from samples provided by the designer.

*Certain clear colors may require an application of two coats in order to achieve the level of opacity desired. Contact-us for additional details.




  • Exterior : curtain wall
  • Interior : wall cladding

Production Capacity

  mm po
Minimum Dimensions 70 x 600 2 3/4 x 23 5/8
Maximum Dimensions 2438 x 4826 96 x 190


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Jewish General Hospital - Block KJodoin Lamarre Pratte Architectes / Spandrel Glass / Montreal. QC / Stéphane Groleau

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CHUMNFOE et associés, Jodoin Lamarre Pratte et Associés, MSDL Architectes, Lemay & Associés Architectes, Parkin Architects Ltd / LoE 272 and Ceramic Coating Prel-Coat / Montréal, Qc / Photo: Stéphane Groleau

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StealthPye & Rchards Architects Inc. / Ceramic Coating Prel-Coat / Kanata, ON

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