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Liquid Crystal Glass

Prel-Lam LC consists of laminated glass connected to an electrical circuit and controlled by a switch. The glass changes appearance depending on the position of the switch; when the electrical current is interrupted (off), the glass is opaque; when the current is restored (on), the glass is transparent.


  • Includes a thin film of liquid crystal laminated between two sheets of glass.  When the crystals are electrically activated, they are aligned, and it is possible to see through the glass. When the electricity is turned off, the crystals become chaotic, making the glass opaque.
  • Operates at very low electrical requirements, requires a voltage transformer
  • Ensures the privacy of the occupants without using window coverings
  • Controls the entry of natural light and reduces glare
  • Can be used as a projection screen


  • Glass doors and partitions
  • Conference rooms
  • Glass kiosks
  • Projection screens
  • Etc.


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