Driver windows

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Driver windows

  • Sliders can be designed to be frameless glass directly bonded to the vehicle, or hinged liked the fixed and emergency windows
  • Designs for easy glide sliding systems that will meet operator’s expectations while reducing the life cycle cost
  • Ceramic frit masks the slider mechanism from the exterior
  • MVSS 205/ ANSI Z26.1 certified
  • Heating function to defog, defrost or de-ice
  • A water management system is incorporated into the framing design to allow water to drain to the exterior
  • Tested to resist weather conditions

Our bus window systems are inspired by today’s trends for cost efficiency, reliability of service and safe operations . They are designed for fast installation, fast replacement and driver’s safe operation conditions.

Other options include:

  • Solar control
  • UV protection
  • Easy clean coatings
  • Anti-graffiti films (single or multilayers)