The Prelco Group: Our creative team,
our clear products

With six factories located in eastern North America and more than 650 employees, The Prelco Group is a leader in the value-added glass manufacturing sector. Prelco designs and manufactures glazing products for commercial and institutional buildings, high-rise apartment buildings, and specialty vehicles (land, rail and watercraft). With over 65 years’ experience, a highly qualified workforce, and cutting-edge equipment, you can count on Prelco to meet your needs.


Prelco specializes in manufacturing complex and innovative glass solutions that meet our customers’ architectural, transportation and recreational boat market needs.


To be a major North American supplier of glass solutions and surpass the expectations of customers in our future market segments.

Our story

The Prelco Group: Our creative team, our transparent products

The Prelco Group’s story is a success story that started in Rivière-du-Loup in the early 1950s.


  • Foundation – Vitrerie Générale

    Foundation – Vitrerie Générale

    Lionel Dubé founds Vitrerie Générale Ltd glass company.

  • Relocation


    The company relocates its operations to Cartier boulevard, the current site of its head office.

  • Prelco

    Prelco legally registers its company name—PRELCO—which combines the founders’ names: PRE for the Prévost brothers, Aubert and De St-Denys, and L, for William John Lees, with CO, for company.

  • Integration – Roger Lavoie

    Vitrerie Générale hires Roger Lavoie, a young mechanical engineer graduate. He’s the first engineer to work for the company and in Quebec’s glass industry.

  • Construction of Prelco

    Construction of Prelco

    Prelco, the pioneering glass tempering company, is created.

  • Roger Lavoie Management and Partner

    Roger Lavoie Management and Partner

    A group of employees, under the name Gestion Roger Lavoie et associés, acquires the shares for Prelco and Vitrerie Générale.

  • Merge


    Prelco merges with Vitrerie Générale.

  • Investment Project

    The company invests heavily in state-of-the-art processes and machinery, and an R&D lab.

  • R&D Integration

    R&D Integration

    Richard Langlais, R&D Director, becomes a shareholder.

    Legend: Board of directors: Roger Lavoie Eng., Nicole Goulet, Administrator, Yvan Thibault CPA, and Richard Langlais Eng.

  • ISO-9002


    Prelco’s quality management system becomes ISO-9002 certified

  • Technological Change

    Keeping up with technology is more crucial than ever. At the turn of the century, Prelco is a leading Canadian safety glass manufacturer.

    “We wanted to prove that development driven by cutting-edge technology could make a company economically viable, even in a rural region… It’s safe to say that our gamble has paid off.” – Roger Lavoie, CEO.

  • Construction of a New Plant

    Construction of a New Plant

    A new production site is built in Edmundston, New Brunswick. At this time, the factory manufactures the largest silk-screened glass surfaces in North America.

  • Thermalite Industries

    Thermalite Industries

    Prelco acquires Industries Thermalite, a Montreal-based company specialized in high-performance insulated glass.

  • Veralex


    Prelco acquires Veralex, in Princeville, Quebec, a company specialized in windshields for boats and recreational vehicles.

  • Acquisition of Beclawat Manufacturing

    Acquisition of Beclawat Manufacturing

    Prelco acquires Beclawat Manufacturing in Belleville, Ontario, a company specialized in sophisticated weathertight doors and windows for marine and rail industries.

  • Prize – Glass Magazine

    Prelco receives an award from Glass Magazine, recognizing its place as one of the top high-performance glass manufacturers in the United States and Canada.

  • Innovation and integration

    Industrial engineering graduate Dominic Lavoie joins the planning, processes and transportation team as Corporate Director of Logistics.

    At the APTA Expo in Houston, Texas, Prelco showcases its innovative new passenger windows for the Montreal metro’s AZUR cars. The windows can be replaced in 120 seconds without causing any service interruption.

  • New Shareholder

    Dominic Lavoie becomes a company shareholder and Prelco Group board member.

  • Prelco US

    Prelco US

    Prelco US is founded in Rouses Point, New York and an assembly line is established there to serve the American market.

  • New CEO

    Roger Lavoie’s son Dominic Lavoie succeeds him as the CEO of the Prelco Group. Lavoie Sr. remains president of the board for the parent company, Prelsecur inc.

  • Expansion

    The Prelco Group is currently expanding and doubling the surface area of its Montreal production site. New automatic cutting, tempering and assembly lines have been installed to meet growth, deadline and production capacity needs.

    The Prelco Group celebrates 65 years of expertise.

Quality Policy

The quality system of the whole company, while relying on a philosophy of continuous improvement, is based on the principle of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and its requirements.
To achieve this, our main concern at Prelco is to provide excellence in our products as well as in our complete and efficient service.

Choosing Prelco means: 

  • Satisfaction with regards to our products and quality
  • Personalized service
  • Complete solutions, meeting the evolution of customer needs