In order to counter the spread of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, Prelco launches a new range of self-disinfecting glazing:

Prel-SaniPure – Heating glass: heat disinfection
Prel-SaniPure – Self-cleaning glass: UV disinfection

Bacteria and viruses have been known to survive from a few hours to a few days on inert surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, cardboard or plastic. These surfaces can promote the transmission of infectious diseases when a person touches a contaminated surface, then carries his hands to his mouth, eyes or nose.

Numerous studies show that viruses and bacteria active on hard surfaces are destroyed by exposure to heat or UV rays. Prel-SaniPure glazing uses these two proven disinfection methods.

Prel-SaniPure glazing can be used as windows and glass partitions in hospitals, schools, mass transit vehicles, and any other public place where the risk of spreading infectious diseases is significant.

For more info: 20102020-Prel-SaniPure Data Sheet_en

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