Transparent Bullet Resistant Armor

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Transparent Bullet Resistant Armor

Transparent armors protect against various types of threat.

  • Solutions for projectiles and fragments
  • Forced-entry resistant glazing
  • Blast protection
  • Level of protection against civilian and military firearms

We offer glazing products with sealed perimeter for more demanding applications upon request.


Depending on the required characteristics, a number of substrates may be used in the laminate configuration to modify the surface density, light and infra-red transmittance, as well as the level of protection.


  • High transmittance options for better use of night vision equipment
  • Polycarbonate-free products that offer extended durability and easier maintenance
  • Anti-spall layer that protects the integrity of the occupants
  • Hydrophobic coatings and removable films for easier maintenance
  • Possibility of adding gaskets to armored glazing


Products comply with the following standards:

EN 1063, STANAG 4569, NIJ Standard-0108.01, UL 752.

Heated armor

Prel-Therm heated glass prevents formation of condensation and frost, and efficiently defrosts glass surfaces. Transparent conducting oxides or a network of tungsten wires create an electrical resistance which provides the power required to defrost or de-ice glass surfaces.


  • All standard voltages (alternating or direct)
  • Power density of 3 to 12 W/dm²
  • Optional thermocouples included in laminated glazing