Designing performance in windshields, window systems and glass solutions from cab to passenger areas.

Mastering Glass Solutions and Frame Designs

Prelco is one of the largest glass fabricators in North America and a recognized manufacturer of specialized glazing systems. With more than 65 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and securing certification for windows and windshields for the railway sector, we provide our customers with the flexibility and support they need. Our in-depth market knowledge, which covers technical and safety requirements, operational environments and more, benefits equipment manufacturers and their customers. Our reputation for quality and reliability is an asset to our customers: we help you maximize value, control total ownership costs and lower life cycle costs.

Our competitive advantages are recognized by our broad customer base in multiple rail segments.

  • Light rail
  • Monorail
  • Streetcars
  • Metros
  • Commuter cars
  • Long distance trains

In addition to windows and windshields, we provide glass parts for train interiors such as display covers systems, draught screen/windscreen glass and interior partitions. Since 2005, Prelco and Beclawat Manufacturing Inc., a specialist in framing solutions, have been collaborating and sharing knowledge to provide you with a customer-focused team.

Prelco has several factories in Canada and the United States, and its products are Buy America compliant.