Green Buildings

Prelco offers a wide range of high performance, energy efficient glass products that have a significant impact on the performance of a building.  In addition to contributing to the reduction in energy costs, our glazing helps maintain a level of occupant comfort while providing natural light inside buildings.


Prelco’s Prel-Unit Energy-Efficient Glazing is an ideal product for a sustainable construction project. Indeed, low-e glasses, tinted or reflective can reduce the gain or loss of heat through the windows, control glare caused by the sun’s rays, increase the resistance to condensation and more.

Assistance to accreditation

Prelco places great importance on providing its customers with a comprehensive service that meets their expectations. Thus, our customer service department will advise you and accompany you throughout your accreditation process. We will also provide you with all the supporting documents necessary for the preparation of the evaluation of your project.

Thermaspec Tool

We offer you an energy performance calculation tool, Thermaspecwith which it is possible to know the performance of different types of glazing, according to the chosen configurations, in a goal of sustainable construction.

Glazing provided by PrelcoMD contributes significantly in achieving the following LEED™ points:

  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Materials and Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality

Each project is different; contact us and tell us the specific requirements for your green building. We will help you define the type of glazing that will meet your expectations. Prelco will also provide all the supporting documentation necessary for your project evaluation file.

For indepth information on North American Certification Programs:

U.S Green Building Coucil
Boma Best

LEED ™ is a trademark of the Green Building Council of Canada.
BOMA ™ is a trademark of the Building Owners and Managers Association.