Bird Safe Glass

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Bird Friendly Glass

With an etched pattern on side #1 and a low-e coating on side #2, Prel-AirSecur glass combines bird safety and energy efficiency. The etched pattern on the outside is more easily seen by birds while remaining discreet from the inside.

The pattern is permanent, it does not require any particular maintenance and does not fade with time. The low-e on side #2 of the glass is more effective at blocking solar heat gain while controlling heat loss in cold weather. Prel-AirSecur Bird Deterrent Glass can help earn LEED Credits for sustainable buildings.


    Prel-AirSecur glass prevents bird collisions against windows. It is available in oversized size up to 5180 mm (204 in.) high. Therefore architects and designers no longer have to compromise between largely fenestrated buildings and bird protection.

    Benefits :

    • Uninterrupted view from floor to ceiling
    • Maximizes natural lighting
    • Increased user satisfaction
    • Provides a contemporary look

    Thickness: 6 mm (other thicknesses available upon request)

    Substrate: clear, extra-clear (other substrates available upon request)

    Heat treatment: heat-strengthened or tempered

    Configuration: double or triple insulating glass units

    Oversized insulating glass units are subject to increased stress due to dead and live loads. Implementing a project with oversized glass requires careful planning.
    Contact us to determine the type of glass that is best suited for your project.

    Bird Deterrent Patterns

    Threat factor 25                                                                                Threat factor 15

    Threat factor (TF) attributed by the American Bird Conservancy. A TF30 or less is considered as a bird-friendly material. A TF30 corresponds to a reduction in collisions of at least 50% in real conditions.

    Notes: Data calculated with Window LBNL 6.3 software;
    Double glazing: 6 mm clear, low-e surface #2/12.7 mm argon 90%/6 mm clear;
    Triple glazing: 6 mm clear, low-e surface #2/12.7 mm argon 90%/6 mm clear, low-e surface #4/12.7 mm argon/6 mm clear;

    Standards and certification

    Certified by the American Bird Conservancy.


    Curtain-walls, doors and windows
    Institutional and commercial buildings located:

    • Near green areas such as forests, bushes and parks
    • Near shorelines, wetlands or marshes
    • Near migration corridors

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