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The Prel-SaniPure glazing range helps limit the spread of bacteria and viruses, including those of the Coronavirus family. These infectious agents are responsible for the transmission of several diseases such as colds, flus, gastroenteritis, etc. Depending on environmental conditions, viruses and bacteria can survive a few hours to a few days on inert surfaces. In order to limit the risk of spread by contact with contaminated surfaces, regular cleaning of surfaces frequently touched with the hands is recommended. In addition to household disinfectants, other methods such as thermal or photocatalytic disinfection have also been proven effective.


Prel-SaniPure glazing is available in two options:
  • Active disinfection : Heating Glass
  • Passive disinfection : Self-Sanitising Glass


  • Sanitary: continuous disinfection 24/7 through heat diffusion, keeps the glazing surface at temperature level to inactivate any viruses (see table) ;
  • Safe: heated surface built-in glass ;
  • Practical: heating cycles can be operated manually and/or automatically ;
  • Versatile: adaptable to almost any type of frame ;
  • Economical: saves time and money by spacing the frequency of manual disinfections ;
  • Easy to maintain : durable and scratch-resistant (compared to transparent polymers) ;
  • Ecological: limits the use of single-use disinfectant products ;


  • Self-sanitising glass is coated with titanium dioxide coating (Ti02);
  • Disinfection by photocatalytic oxidation process, viruses and bacteria in contact with Ti02 coating are degraded (destroyed) by exposure to UV rays2;
  • Superhydrophile coating is easy to maintain, durable and scratch-resistant (compared to transparent polymers);
  • Available in a wide range of glass types : tempered glass, annealed glass, laminated glass3, insulating glass unit;
  • Adaptable to any type of glazing, with or without frame;
*Activated by Pilkington SaniTise™. Registered with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);


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