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Ceramic Coating

Prel-Coat spandrel glass lites are opaque panels mainly used in non-vision sections of curtain wall. The panels are located between sections of transparent windows and are used to hide the structure parts which shouldn’t been seen from the exterior. Spandrel glass is monolithic, laminated or insulating glass that has been covered with an opaque ceramic coating.


  • Prel-Coat ceramic frit coating offers outstanding resistance to cracks, scratches, fading and chemical products
  • Available in 14 standard colours, custom colours can also be developed from samples provided by the designer
  • Prel-Coat ceramic coating is applied on the surface of the glass using a horizontal roller applicator.  The glass is then heated in a furnace at a temperature of about 621°C (1150°F).  This treatment fuses the ceramic to the surface of the glass.
  • Once the heat treatment is completed, the ceramic coating is extremely resistant to cracking, fading as well as chemical attacks

Standards and Certifications

ASTM C1036 – Flat glass, ASTM C1048- Heat-treated flat glass, CAN/CGSB 12.1 – Laminated or Tempered Safety Glass, CAN/CGBS 12.9 – Spandrel Glass

Available Colours

Opaque Standards*

White PC-9918, Feather Grey PC-8800, Warm Grey PC-8933V, Medium Grey PC-8948, Charcoal PC- 9903, Wolf Grey PC-8194, Solar Grey PC- 9901, Black PC-9907, Spruce Shadow PC-8282, Evergreen PC- 9902, Lava Bronze PC-9905, Solar Bronze PC-9904, Blue Ford PC-9911, Morning Fog PC-10029.

Custom Colours*

Prel-Coat is available in a choice of colours developed from samples provided by the designer.

*Certain clear colours may require an application of two coats in order to achieve the level of opacity desired. Contact us for more information.

Glass makeups

Monolithic Glass

The ceramic coating is applied on surface #2 of the supporting lite. The glass must be heat strengthened or tempered.  

Insulating Glass Unit

The ceramic is usually applied to surface # 4 of insulated glass units. The two lites that make up the unit must be heat strengthened or tempered.

Laminated Glass

The ceramic coating can be applied to surface # 2, 3 or 4 of laminated glass. All the lites that make up the laminated glazing must be heat strengthened or tempered.



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