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Hydrophilic coating

Neat™ is an invisible, protective coating composed of titanium dioxide and silica that makes exterior glass maintenance easier. It traps solar UV rays to break down and loosens dirt particles that accumulate on the glass surface. When it rains, the raindrops flush impurities, leaving the glass surface clean and residue-free. It even works in cloudy weather because more than 80% of UV rays can pass through cloud cover.


  • Reduces time spent cleaning glass, gives building users a better view outside and allows the glass to maintain the same level of transmission and reflection of visible light.
  • Can be applied to both insulating and spandrel glass
  • Can be applied in combination with a Low-e. The Neat™ coating is applied on surface # 1 and the Low-e on surface # 2
  • Is permanent and requires no maintenance or reactivation over the years

Component Options


LoE² 272, LoE² 240, LoE³ 366


Optifloat™ clear


Prel-Design silkscreened, Prel-Design digital printing




Vertical glazing

Punch windows, aluminum curtain wall or structural glazing, spandrel glass

Sloped glazing

Skylights, canopies, etc.


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*The Neat™ coating can be applied on certain types of glass measuring up to 2438 mm (96 in) wide, contact us for more information.

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